Social Studies

Social Studies Websites:  

interntet explorer Textbook Link

google chrome textbook link


The Library of Congress (Kids and Families Site)

Social Studies Topics “Ben’s Guide to U.S. Government

Discovery Education

The United States-Maps/States…


American History Sites

American History Timeline

US History


American History with the Smithsonian and Scholastic (Primary Sources)

Smithsonian Web Cast with David Baldacci (39 Clues)

Smithsonian’s History Explorers site


Schoolhouse Rock: America Rock

This site has the lyrics to all of the Schoolhouse Rock: America Rock songs.


Explorer Unit:

Viking Game


Colonial America:

Jamestown Activity


Colonial Williamsburg

Colonial Williamsburg Activity


American Revolution:

On the Road to the Revolution

Liberty Kids

Lexington & Concord Activity



The Bill of Rights

The U. S. Government

White House Tour

Social Studies Topics “Ben’s Guide to U.S. Government

Library of Congress & the branches of government “Ben’s Guide…)


Pioneer Unit:

Lewis & Clark

Oregon Trail PBS


Civil War


Civil War Information

music and poetry

Gettysburg for kids

The Underground Railroad

Underground Railroad Scholastic

Underground Railroad PBS

Brady Photos

Other photos

American Civil War site

Civil War homepage

Civil War Women

You’re the General

History Channel 150 years

150 Years Ago

Library of Congress

Library of Congress, too

Lincoln’s Assassination Artifacts

150th Anniversary of Lincoln’s Assassination